HMD UVC Sanitation Kit

If you're in Virtual Reality then you know there has always been a need to properly sanitize the headset when you, your friends, strangers during demos, or even your enemies use your VR headset.  It is just common courtesy to clean the interface with an alcohol wipe. Great but what do you do when that's … Continue reading HMD UVC Sanitation Kit


#VivePro #WirelessAdapter Hacked into Laptop and Sidecar Template Built

For many Virtual Reality enthusiasts tetherless PC based VR has been the holy grail.  Yes higher resolution and 6DOF tetherless is the goal together but we have had access to the Vive Wireless Adapter for some time now.  The problem is that it is only officially supported on a desktop PC with a full size … Continue reading #VivePro #WirelessAdapter Hacked into Laptop and Sidecar Template Built