If you’re in Virtual Reality then you know there has always been a need to properly sanitize the headset when you, your friends, strangers during demos, or even your enemies use your VR headset.  It is just common courtesy to clean the interface with an alcohol wipe.

Great but what do you do when that’s not enough? What about the head strap, the plastics, etc.?

I offer my prototype of a cardboard maker-style, see my previous Vive Wireless PCIe cardboard hack for my laptop, UVC sanitation kit.

This took all of 2 parts:

  • 1 high quality UVC Sanitation Wand
  • 1 cardboard shipping box, retain the 4 flaps to fold over


This is a maker project, please research all health hazards and aspects of the parts and potential effects on the hardware you wish to sanitize.  I make no claims nor take any responsibility for around the reproduction of this project.

Background, but please do your own research:

  • UVC light is used to sanitize phones, vr headsets, and even hospitals
  • Can it damage plastics, over time?  Likely
  • Can you look into the UVC light?  Don’t do it.


  • Obtain a UVC wand and a cardboard shipping box
  • Cut a spot for the handle, hour-glass
  • Cut a spot for the top of the wand, circle
  • Cut a door for your gear to slide into
  • Place top of wand in circle and handle through other side.  Close all sides of cardboard and tape shut
  • Place headset inside
  • Close and tape door, turn on and do not forget to turn off

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